Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What is China To Do?

The Chinese, as imminently practical business people, see the handwriting on the wall. If global climate change is not addressed through greener, low carbon emissions technology and industry, sustained economic growth will be impossible. Involving itself in the National Center for Sustainable Development in Washington, D.C. therefore seems to be a move based on enlightened self interest. No one likes to be told what to do--people as well as nations. However, people and nations will adopt behaviors that reward them in the future and will help them grow and prosper. On climate change issues, the focus should follow the Chinese. Let us find ways to make climate change regulation, financing, and technology transfers fulfilling to national interests rather than as a bitter pill to swallowed. Often times, mediation can help parties move beyond their positions to find interests that can be satisfied. Perhaps, bil-lateral and multi-lateral mediations would be of assistance to those nations, such as the United States, that are feeling coerced into solutions. Perhaps the National Center for Sustainable Development could team up with Mediators Beyond Borders to introduce mediation into the decision making process. With mediation, we can get away from the zero-sum positions and work towards sustainable, economically beneficial solutions to global climate change,.
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