Thursday, November 5, 2009

Africa's Seat at the Table

The economic reforms suggested by Senegal President Abdoulaye Wade, including western performance on commitments for debt-relief and grants, are important steps in the transformation of Africa. The real key, however, will be the transformation of African leadership. Trans-national highways and railroads will remain impossible dreams as long as corruption and self-aggrandizement by some African leaders continues. Political stability and vision go hand in hand with economic relief, and no investor will take undue risks with mecurial heads of state, non-participatory governments, and absence of the rule of law. If the African national leaders can come together and plan with vision, despite tribal, ethnic, and regional differences, investors may feel more confident that the people of Africa are ready for transformation. Without a unified vision and amidst corruption, violence, and human rights abuses, that confidence will not be well-placed. There are many people willing to help the Africans come together and overcome their differences when the Africans are truly ready to help themselves. So the first step is not western aid, it is African vision, African hope, and African inspiration. Do that and the world will follow.
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