Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Standing Against the 'Wrong is Right' Goldstone Resolution

I am impressed with the Goldstone Report. The Mission members are credible international public figures with deep experience in international law and human rights violations. The methodology was well-designed. The standards against which the facts would be measured were based on conservative, well-accepted rules of international criminal and human rights laws. The conduct of the investigations was impartial and fair, despite the refusal of the Israeli government to cooperate in any fashion. Every interested institution, nation, or individual was given notice and opportunity to be heard, fulfilling basic due process rights. The report was thorough and detailed. Finally, the reporters understood and stated the limitations of the Mission clearly.

If the world seeks peace in the Middle East, reports like this must be weighed carefully. The passions, prejudices, beliefs, and biases of the extreme partisans of Israel and Palestine must be acknowledged and redirected if the atrocities in Gaza, the West Bank, and in Israel are to stop. At some point, the world will have to stop taking sides and say enough is enough. The U.S. Congress will have to have the courage to take the lead in this effort. Until then, the violence will continue.
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