Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Work-Life Tip Sheet: 10 Steps to a Successful Workplace

Work life balance gives a lot of leaders headaches and creates conflicts when actual values are not consistent with stated values. On the one hand, companies want employees to work hard, be productive, and contribute to financial profitability. Since success is still measured by shareholder value and return on investment, bottom line results dominate corporate values. On the other hand, employees want freedom, flexibility, respect, autonomy, and dignity so that they can manage their lives and maximize their happiness. And, there are that percentage of employees who want to do as little as possible for the maximum paycheck. How is this conundrum solved? I suggest that the solution lies with enlightened leadership and human resources professionals who are not so obsessed with compliance and rules. Great leaders will lead with integrity and humility. They will inspire their workforce by setting clear goals through achievable methods. They will create a loyal, devoted workforce, not an adversarial workforce. As trust is developed between leaders and employees, a certain amount of flexibility and tolerance will slowly grow. The leaders know they will not be betrayed by slovenly, lazy, unproductive habits. The employees know they will be treated as responsible adults. 250 words is not enough to get into this detail. The basic concept is to focus on strong, inspirational, high-integrity leadership. Everything else will follow.
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