Sunday, October 11, 2009

Leadership as Service and Giving

You don't have to be a corporate CEO to be a love leader. Once in a leadership training class for middle managers, I went around the room asking the leaders to assess their power and resources. One middle aged women had what appeared to be a boring clerical job. After she talked about what she did, I asked how many of the other leaders would be affected by her if she did not do her job accurately and quickly. All hands shot up. People were amazed to understand that she had more power and influence in that room than anyone else. I learned right there that leadership is everywhere and even the most inconsequential, mundane jobs have hidden power, resources, and authority to lead.

So I would take John Hope Bryant's ideas about love leadership and pass them on to everyone. Every person can serve; every person can give without expecting a payback; every person can lead. Those who feel powerless, victimized, and downtrodden may have huge obstacles. Still, the power of service and giving generates leadership everywhere. Since so few people engage with others from a place of service and love, they will be noticed. Opportunities will open for them in magical ways that will allow them to serve, give, and lead others in even greater ways.

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