Monday, May 28, 2007

First post

Welcome to my blog, Arataxix: Solutions for Peace in Your Life. I stumble across the word "arataxix" when looking for something other than peacemaking. Although I am a peacemaker professionally, I have encountered resistance to the word. People either confuse it with the old Colt .45 hand gun or get off on a religious track. Anyways, arataxis is what occurs when peace is found and means stress-free or no stress. Its a Greek-derived word and is unususal enough that I thought I could adopt it for my purposes here.

This blog is about helping you find peace in everyday situations. As an experienced trial lawyer and 2nd degree black belt, I have seen conflict from just about every perspective. I left the practice of law (although I am still an active member of the bar), to devote my time to turning conflict into peace. It wasn't some great religious conversion, but a sense that I could serve people better in peace rather than in conflict. I'll share more of my journey in later posts.

I won't give specific advice to those of you who comment, but I will give general observations about conflicts you write about. I have learned that conflict is all about people, so even the most intractable international conflicts still can be understood, if not solved, by analytic peacemaking tools. In the same way, your conflicts with your spouse, your neighbors, your boss, or even the guy that just swerved in front of you can be understood and transformed by you simply, gracefully, and beautifully into peaceful moments.

Enough for now. If you are intrigued, posts are always welcome.

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